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"A dog may be the only opportunity a human has to choose a relative." - Mordecai Siegal  

Dogs Available for Adoption

We are desperately in need of foster homes! Could you foster a Lab? Would you like to "try" one of our labs and see how it works out for you and the dog? Fostering is the perfect way to do so! Email Linda or Betsy if you're interested in fostering a lab.

PLEASE NOTE: We *absolutely must* have your completed adoption application before we can make an appointment for you to meet one of our rescue dogs. Please be sure to note which dog(s) you are interested in on your application. 

PLEASE BE PATIENT: We are returning emails and phone calls as quickly as we can. We are all volunteers and have regular jobs and lives in addition to our Lab Rescue work. If you call and ask that we return your call, and you are calling long distance, we would appreciate it if you would give us permission in your phone message to call you back *collect* - or - allow us to return your call, then you call us right back. The less long distance phone charges we have, the more money we will have available to spend directly on our rescue dogs.

Featured Pet!

Pregnant Mama Lab mix
had six puppies
one female, five males

She was spotted wandering around for at least a week in Englewood, Tennessee. A kind lady took her in and sought help to find someone to whelp the pups. A sheltie breeder agreed to take her in to whelp the pups and then surrender her to a Lab breeder who fosters for Lab Rescue. So, the pups will be whelped and raised by experienced breeders.

Mama is approximately 3 years old, and looks like a small black Lab, but is clearly mixed (possibly with a hound) due to her size. She weighs just over 60 lbs while pregnant, so probably weighs around 40-45 lbs at a normal weight. She is a sweet natured dog and very friendly. She walks easily on a leash, no pulling at all. She's not a chewer of furniture as I tested her in my heated dog room that has my old leather sofa and loveseat. She does have heartworms, so will not be available until late February or early March. One November 24th, Mama had 6 puppies (5 males and 1 female). Live updates of the puppy's birth will be posted to the foster's Facebook page: Look for the Rescue Litter album and you can find many pics of the mom and pups when they come.

If you are interested in adopting either Mama or any of her six puppies, please send an adoption application to and call Betsy at 865-206-2091 or Linda at 865-207-5131.

Please make sure you have an approved application before setting a time to meet our dogs.


See the information above on these puppies.






More Available Companions

Due to our extreme need for more foster homes, we have been unable to save all the many beautiful Labbies in local shelters. These sweethearts are hoping to be adopted  before their time runs out. Lab Rescue has placed these dogs as referral only. We have not met or screened these animals.


* ET Lab Rescue Contacts *



Oak Ridge
Linda Gilpin

PO Box 5026
Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37831


A moment to rescue...A lifetime to love.

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